Thursday, August 15, 2013

Loosening the Apron Strings

Ok, mom, you can leave already!
My babies are growing up. Three out of the four are far removed from babies, yet they're still my little itsy bitsy sweetie-weetiekins. Ok, it's really not that serious, but it's hard to watch them learn to spread their wings and begin to fly. When exactly are the wee ones ready to start jumping from the nest? (Side note: I have an unusual and slightly crazy fear of birds, so it's funny I'm using this analogy.) At some point, I have to nudge them and let them know it's ok to explore because the safety of the nest is always waiting for them. This summer, I loosened my feathery apron strings and let them fly a little bit.

Well, two of them...

Performing "I Love Trash" (Yes, he's dressed as a trash can)
I sent my twins to overnight summer camp. This may not seem huge to some of you, but please understand, my kids have never slept away from home...ever. (Excluding family trips, naturally) They've been old enough to attend Indian Cave Youth Bible Camp for two years and I've always been afraid to let them go. I had a not-so -great experience at camp when I was 12 and was so afraid they would be embarrassed, or scared, or get sick when they went away. Notice, I was afraid. Not them. Oh, my little birdies were so ready to go and the best part is that they had a BLAST. One of my boys won third place in the camp talent show and was asked to perform it for the parents because it was so original.

I think the moral of the story is that I was keeping them close because I was projecting my fears on them. I'm so glad I've never told them of my bad experience at camp because it may have influenced them. I have to loosen the apron strings and let them explore and experience on their own. It will not always be pleasant; sometimes it will be hard; sometimes it will hurt. As long as they know where heart and home is, I'll be here to wrap my loving wings around them until the next time they're ready to fly.