Saturday, July 27, 2013

God's in the little things (like Legos)

"MOMMY! Sob, sob, sob, LEGO!!!"

Huh, what? It was like 3 am and there was a tear stained, disheveled little thing hovering over my bed, heaving.

"Mommy, I [indistinguishable] Lego!"

After four more attempts...
"Mommy I ATE a Lego!"

You did WHAT?

After plopping herself on the toilet trying to relieve herself of the black Lego (sorry for the graphics) she had apparently JUST eaten, my four-year-old starts to recount her harrowing experience. Apparently she was playing with her Legos (at 3 am?) and swallowed one. It was simple. (Gosh, Mommy, why is this complicated?)

I'm sitting on the side of the tub, holding my little girl's hand and just asking God to help me. I'm also smiling because, frankly, the whole scenario is ridiculous. My hubs is up by this time too and Little Miss is explaining to him what happened. She is CONVINCED it's not a dream. It's caught in her throat (can't I hear her coughing?) And yet she's trying to poop it out. My mind is going through the options of which ER to take her. Our hospital doesn't have a pediatric endoscopy unit, so that's out. Do I drive south to Duke or north to Lynchburg? Do I take her at all? Is this real? Maybe I'm dreaming.

My sleepy head was going in circles, not unlike the tornado, which my son dreamed, was trying to eat his brain. Just last week we had a four person ER visit thanks to some MEAN yellow jackets and a multitude of stings. If my baby has really swallowed a Lego and it's really stuck, I really need to take her somewhere. But I really don't have any money. I mean, we're eating Ramen everyday kind of broke.

"Ok God, I need you here," I whispered.

 I didn't hear a direct answer and I didn't hear any concise directions. What I got was a peace; that whatever happened from this ridiculous situation was happening to me AND God. I still wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I wasn't anxious about it anymore.

After she calmed down, we got her back in her room and asked her to go through exactly what happened. She showed us how she was playing with her Legos (which were stuffed in the bottom of a closed train case) and ate one.

"Honey, you said your light was off and your toys were all the way in the bottom of this case. Are you sure it wasn't a dream?"

"It WAS a dream!!!!! Night, Mommy. And can you turn off the light?"

Yeah, a tornado definitely ate my brain...

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