Friday, May 23, 2014

PSA- Acetone: The Must-Have for Your Home

Ladies and Gentleman, if you keep one handy dandy household product around, make sure it's fingernail polish remover WITH acetone. My husband demands this type of remover not because it gets the lovely ladies of the house sparkle polish free, but because it dissolves all manner of super glue.

So, my mother came for a visit and brought me a super sweet travel mug. Within five minutes I had broken a small piece off of the lid of aforementioned super sweet travel mug. Being the pretend fix-it type person that I am, I busted out the super glue and got to work. Moments later, I had a sticky (but still broken) lid and two fingers on my left hand glued together. Not just sort of glued together, but straight up bonded, adhered, STUCK kind of glued together.

For those of you who know American Sign Language,, my hand was permanently in the letter "F" position. Or you could say I was giving the "A-Ok" sign, OR if you happened to live in some Mediterranean countries, I was insulting you.  

I called my husband to let him know his awesomely capable wife had glued her fingers together. All the while I'm on the phone with him, I kept trying to pick stuff up with the afflicted appendage. It didn't work.  And my fingers were starting to cramp.

Thankfully, we always keep acetone in the house. I poured some and started to soak my fingers in it. Mom saw what I was doing and yelled at me because this stuff can be caustic to my skin. (I kind of thought that was the point) Anyway being the nurse that she is, she found a Q-tip and used it to slowly, sloooowwwly, sll-ooooo-wwwww-lllll-yyyy, dissolve the glue from between my fingers.

Free at last, free at last...

Lesson learned: Don't try to fix things, just wait for your husband to come home.

Ok, totally just kidding.

The REAL lesson is to always, ALWAYS keep acetone in the house. That way when you're being super independent and start fixing things, but glue your fingers together (or to whatever you're fixing), you don't have to go to the store to BUY the acetone. Because while you're at the store buying the stuff, the cute Greek salesperson will think you're calling them a mean name and refuse to sell you the acetone. That is just a bad situation all together.

So, if you don't have any nail polish remover with acetone, go buy some. Right now. While you're fingers can still wiggle.

PSA over.

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  1. I have banned myself from using super glue for this exact reason. Now that I know this perhaps I can feel okay about lifting the ban. Or maybe not...