Sunday, September 22, 2013

"There's a Dino in the Dog Water" and other Things I Thought I'd Never Say

Being a parent is a challenge, and in dealing with everyday "crisis," I hear myself saying things no normal adult would ever say. Here are just a few of the goodies that have popped out.  I've also included for your reading pleasure, a few gems that have escaped from the mouths of my darlings. Enjoy!!

Jason, hurry!! Eva's got her hair caught in the drive shaft of the remote controlled monster truck!

Boys, how did pee get on the shower curtain?

The Dino in the Dog Water...
Your baby brother is not a pony. Please don't pretend to ride him

No! I will not smell your finger!!

Did I just see you lick the dog?

Jason, the baby's crawling across the table... again

Eva! Stop sucking on your toes. We are in church!

There's a dino in the dog water...

...And here are some things the kids have said...

If I squeeze this bumlet, it makes my body go one way and if I squeeze the other bumlet, I go the other way. If I squeeze both bumlet cheeks together, I go straight

Mommy, today in school, Lincoln peed on a kid's shoe

Nah, I don't think I'll wash up;  I like my stench the way it is

Mommy!!!! My brothers just kicked me out of Hogwarts

I don't have to go to bed because the legend said so

Smell my finger (See my response above)

Jesus' hair smells like strawberries

I gave that old grandma in there my fork

You're the worst and I'm going to slam the door!!

I like the way my gasses smell

Please share if you or your kids have said some awesome things!

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