Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Tis the Season...for disenfectant

I thank God I'm not a germaphobe, because this time of year would likely send me to the psych ward.

Victim of a nasty cold; his fever reached 103.
Between fevers and snotty noses, doctor's visits and nurses calls, sickness is keeping me busy, busy, busy.

And I don't like it.
She should be singing "Five Little Christmas Trees,"
But instead she's singing the "I've Got the Winter Vomiting Disease Blues"

My baby girl had to miss her Christmas program (and feast) because of the stomach bug. All the while, I'm trying to keep a very active 18-month-old away from his sister and the nastiness that surrounds her. While I was dealing with her, he managed to climb up on the dining room table, spill my coffee, and help himself to some waffles. Why not? Mom's not around.
Hey! I wonder what else I can get into?
But this year HAS to be better than the last. My entire family was sick on Christmas. I don't mean Christmas break. I mean CHRISTMAS. Eva was opening presents in between bouts of getting sick. It was awful. Three had it Christmas Eve, and two had it Christmas day. I don't know how I avoided getting sick except for the grace of God and a whole lot of hand washing.

'Tis the season for a lot of things (love, joy, peace) and a lot of other things (colds, flu, gastrointestinal issues). But I take heart that this too shall pass. It never really lasts long, though, with four kids, five days can feel like an eternity.

To you young mom's out there who are cleaning up remnants of tummy bugs for the umpteenth time: It DOES get easier. The kids will eventually make it to the bathroom...eventually.

This too shall pass!

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