Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 is on like Donkey Kong!

Let me first say Thank You to those who joined my pity party encapsulated in my last post. Thank You for leting me rant, and thank you for the words of encouragement. But mostly Thank You to the ones who called me out on the selfishness of the post and that I needed to get my head out of my backside. Well...I have. Watch out 2014... Here. I. Come!

I am so excited to report some big things going on in 2014. I've made resolutions and so far, I've basically kept them. Yes, I know we've only been crossing out the "13" on our checks for one week, but baby-steps friends, baby steps. One week is better than no week.

My resolutions, or challenges, or commitments for the new year are:
  1. Get closer to God through faith
  2. Become more organized
  3. Become a better Mommy
What I've found is that they are all working together. As my faith increases, I'm noticing I'm not afraid to fail at my organizational challenges. While it's not in my nature to be tidy, it's in God's nature to change me as He sees fit, and he's answering my organizational pleas. As I grow in faith and become more organized, I'm less stressed. I've got more "free time." Thus, I'm becoming a better Mommy. I can play with the kids without guilt because there are piles and piles of laundy, because dishes are overflowing the sink, because nothing is vaccumed or swept.

I love it when a plan comes together. (Yes, I can even watch A-Team on Netflix).

To get closer to God, I reached out to Him and said I needed help. I wanted to hear His voice. I wanted needed Him to prove himself real (see, total lack of faith. I have seen His works in the past, yet still doubted). He IS proving himself faithful.

First I recieved a beautiful prayer journal from my sweet friend Britta over at Britta's Banter. It was such a lovely and thoughtful gift and right up the alley of my plea to God. Then, the Bible app on my phone suggested I find a verse for 2014. A year verse that will envelope what I need 2014  to be. (I chose Isaiah 41:10, if you're curious) Next, many of Beth Moore's books were provided for FREE on e-readers. I downloaded as many as I could on my NOOK and started reading Believing God. (That's exactly what I need: to believe God at His Word.) Shortly after that. I came across Scripture Memorization for the Rest of Us: The Jesus Project at A Holy Experience. Everything fit together like a well made puzzle. Praise God!

Believing God, is believing His Word. It's believing He is who He says He is. It's believing (not just knowing) that He's there and He's got me in the palm of his hand. He's making Himself known to me and I am so grateful. My life is only victorious when I know the Victor. If faith was easy, we'd all have it, but we don't, and it's not. I'm working on it and He's working on me.

Did you make resolutions? I'm super curious: What are they and how are you doing so far?

(Perhaps you noticed I didn't touch too much on my other two resolutions. Well, stayed tuned. I see a series in the making. Happy 2014!!)


  1. cool; I committed to reading the Bible through. Had done that a number of times in the past, but had gotten pretty slack about it in recent years. Last year, I made a resolution, and actually kept it, to put a song (lyrics) and scripture on my FB page every day. Probably blessed me more than anyone else who read or listened to it. In conjunction with the Bible reading, I re-committed to the song/scripture and made a point to put whatever the Bible reading for the day is so that others can join me on the read-through if they like.

  2. I, too, love it when a plan comes together! Best wishes for a glorious 2014, friend.