Friday, March 22, 2013

Ten Commandment Tea Party #1

Every week the family has a tea party. I started this as a means to create a tradition that my children would cherish. We learn Bible verses (and table manners). Sometimes we play games or tell riddles. The whole family looks forward to it

We're starting to memorize the Ten Commandments. Every week we'll memorize one and talk about it's meaning. This is week one of our 10 week series. The Bible says, "These commandments that I give today are to be on you hearts. Impress them on your children...bind them on your foreheads" (Deut 6:6-8, NIV)

So, this week, we "binded" the First Commandment to our foreheads.

The kids had a blast with this. And, yes, even mom and dad were wearing ours too!

Stay tuned to see how we get creative with the other nine commandments!

What are some ways you share the Word?

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