Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Having a Famous Friend

I've got this friend. And this friend is famous. Well, sort of...

He's a singer and has an amazing voice, but doesn't sing professionally (yet). He uses his talents for Praise Team at church, in a community choir and a trio.  But boy does he get noticed.

I can not tell you the amount of times that it's taken 10, 15, 45 minutes to get out of "venue" because of the amount of people coming up and praising him for his voice. My friend, as talented as he is, is also one of the most humble people I've ever met. He believes his voice is a gift from God and he gives Him the glory for it.

We sing in the same community choir, but I am just a face in the crowd. After an engagement, we can be standing side by side and people will completely bypass me to speak to him and tell him how much they enjoy the choir. Rarely does anyone speak to me, but after so many years, I'm getting used to it.

I guess there are two ways to deal with having a "famous" friend.

The first option is to be jealous, and wonder why no one pays attention to me. I can sit and pout and try to steal his thunder in some underhanded way. Or I can just be plain witchy about the whole situation.

Being a super prideful person, the second option is more difficult. I can sit happily in the shadows and truly rejoice in the attention he's getting. I can support him without malice and be his biggest cheerleader.

Even though I'm a huge attention grabber, am prone to jealousy, and have a pride issue that is more of a stronghold than an issue, I've found the second option to be quite easy and honestly enjoyable. It brings me so much joy to see the happiness he brings people. When he sings, people's eyes open and you can see their hearts being lifted. What a blessing!

I hope he knows how proud I am of him (he's really more of a brother than a friend). I hope he knows how much his singing really does bless people. And I hope he knows that wherever he goes or how ever big his career gets, I'll be there in the shadows cheering him on.


  1. Super talented people who are also humble are the coolest people. I love that he gives the glory to God. Even cooler. I want to hear him sing. And I also want to hear you sing. :)

  2. Ha, you really don't want to hear me, as much as I loooove to sing, the musical gene kind of skipped me. (Both parents, both my siblings and most of my children are musical). I can remember being little and singing along to Oklahoma and my mom would comment that Uncle Denny and I could sing together. Found out 20 years later my Uncle Denny can't carry a tune in a bucket. Ouch. But Chris (my friend) on the other hand. YES. I'll try to post one of his performances after our dinner theater.