Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm Snow Happy!

Things are really picking up here in my neck of the woods. Christmas Choir and drama rehearsals are in full swing, so tonight, it's a quick post.

It's snowing. Well, actually it was just a few flurries, but honey, that's enough to make me smile. I love snow. Maybe it's because I don't have to drive in it; maybe it's because I can go out and throw snowballs with the kids. I don't know, but I can sit for hours just watching it fall. I believe the snow is God's way of slowing us down a little bit. At least in my town. (Schools here shut down for the threat of inclement weather.)

Last year we got NOTHING. If today is any indication of what winter is going to be like, I say: BRING IT! Bring on the snow suits and red noses. Bring the snow angels and snowball fights, the hot chocolate and the wet socks. Bring the sleds and mittens and boots and hats.

I know I probably have a few more weeks to wait for some accumulation. But the flurries this afternoon made my heart smile. I'm "snow" happy right now.

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