Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's the Little Things

As I mentioned yesterday, the beginning of this week dragged. And dragged. And dragged. By Wednesday I was rejoicing because I was convinced it was Thursday and that Friday was right around the corner.


Not that my week was particularly bad or stressful, but time passed more slowly than usual.

All smiles after a super duper Friday
But yesterday...which was actually Friday...not just a Thursday I wished to be Friday...was a wonderful day. It was a day worth waiting for.

I first met a sweet friend for a walk that lasted three hours. I had no idea it had taken us that long until our babies were indicating they were done! I rarely get to spend three hours with another adult, much less another mom who is going through some of the same trials I am.

While on our walk, we encountered two does munching away on the side of the trail. What a  glorious reminder to slow down for a moment. If we had been powerwalking or more concerned about the destination instead of the journey, we would have missed the deer all together.

After I picked the boys up from school, we went to SAM'S club. It was their holiday open house. SCORE! Free samples galore. I mean, GOOD free samples. Bacon wrapped 'lil smokies, cheese cake, fried turkey, Hawaiian rolls, sparkling grape juice...oh the list goes on. To make it even better, my children (all four of them) were incredibly well behaved!

We got home in time for taco night; one of my favorite nights of  the week, and Uncle Chris came over (even though he said he couldn't). I got to have adult conversations twice in one day!! Wow. I'm still beside myself with giddiness (is that a word? Anyway.)

Even though the night ended with a migraine, which was kind of a bummer, the day was a success overall. I was reminded that it's the little things that make life worth living.

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  1. Giddiness is a perfect word! So lovely to hear about your day. I'm with's the little things that enhance our lives