Saturday, November 2, 2013

Let Me Tell You a Story...

Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of Odd, there were twin brothers. Though these brothers loved each other greatly, quarreling was one of their favorite hobbies.

One day in Odd, something, well, odd happened. The brothers woke up and were cooperating! They were cooperating at everything they did.

Before 8am, they had cleaned the art room (the state of which was not conducive to any creative happenings) and emptied the dishwasher without complaining. Then they decided to search for any lost toys...together.

Afraid this magic spell would end, their dear, sweet, BEAUTIFUL mother said nothing. She just smiled and thanked her great God above that this day was not like some of the others. (Like yesterday when she stepped on a pair of vampire teeth and then twisted her ankle on yet another royal toy on the floor.)

Not knowing how long the bliss would last, the Queen hurriedly set out the breakfast feast. She knew a full boy was a happy boy, and she would do almost anything to make the magic last.

The Queen was not naïve. She knew that all spells, especially good ones, must come to an end. But until the clock chimed midnight, she was going to bask in the peace that surrounded her kingdom.

And they all lived happily ever after. (Until the next fight or the sweet princess woke up)


  1. I hear fighting behind me right now....

  2. Yes, the spell has ended here. Though it lasted longer than I thought.

  3. I love it when that spell happens at my house! Sweet blog. :)

  4. Great real-life fairy tale! Love your creativity.