Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Don't Rain on My Parade

There's this game going around Facebook where if you answer a riddle incorrectly then you must change your profile picture to a giraffe...for three days.

I played the game and lost. Now when people access my profile they see a ridiculously cute baby giraffe. I played, I lost, I now have spots and a long tongue.

It's a fun little game, yet some on the social network are ruining it for others. Not cool, I say! One person posted the answer to their wall in Spanish. Honestly, anyone can get the translation from Google. One person posted the most common answer on their wall letting everyone know it was wrong. Why must you ruin for it for everyone else? Come on people! Don't rain on my, or anyone else's, parade.

I think this is right up there with spoiling the ending of movies, books, tv shows, etc. I, for one, will not reveal anything about Darth Vader's identity or how the Hunger Games trilogy ends. And please don't reveal anything about season 7 of 30 Rock (though I sort of know) because I'm catching up on Netflix.

And then there were the folks who refused to change their pictures even though they answered incorrectly. You play the game, you've got to wear the shame my friends!

I know this is a really stupid thing to get annoyed with, but truthfully it pissed me off. Obviously, I have way too much time on my hands if I'm expending this much energy (and a whole blog post) on this issue. But let's be courteous to each other. Please, if you see me playing a stupid game on Facebook and you know the answer, keep it to yourself. I ain't too proud to be a giraffe for three days.

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  1. I won't rain on your parade specifically but my facebook friends should have their umbrellas ready.