Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm A Stay-At-Home Mom And THIS Is What I Do

I read an AWESOME blog post today written in defense of stay at home moms. And guess what? It was written by a MAN!! Matt Walsh who writes The Matt Walsh Blog defends his wife's decision to stay home with their twins. Um, can totally relate here. "You're a stay-at-home mom? What do you DO all day?" is so beautifully written, and I had to publicly thank him for it. So, thank you Matt Walsh!!

Next, let me say. I respect women who work full time outside the home. I respect women who work outside the home part time. I respect women. We have to make the choices that best fit us and our families. I choose to stay at home. Could my family benefit from me working outside the home? That, my friends, is a full and resounding, "YES." But in case you're wondering, I do WORK.

This baby needs his tears, nose,
and, I'm pretty sure, his backside wiped

In fact, I work from "son up to son down." Ha, ha! Anyone get it? SON up? Ok, sorry.

Again, if you're wondering, I am a stay-at-home mom and THIS is what I do (pretty much daily):

  • I wake up before everyone else, so that THEY can have breakfast, clean dishes, and (usually) clean clothes
  • Clean dirty diapers, bottoms, bathrooms and socks EVERYDAY. There is no laundry "day" in this house
  • Cook three square meals a day
  • Kiss tears, booboos and teddy bears
  • Wipe crumbs, noses and again, bottoms
  • Keep the baby away from the dog, the toilet, and all manner of poisons and mess makers
  • Untangle shoelaces, necklaces, cords, and knots in hair
  • ATTEMPT to keep a house that is sanitary and minimally clean
Why mop? The dog will make it dirty again in seconds...
Oh yeah, that sanitary thing
  • Guide, love, and train my kids in a manner consistent of a follower of Christ
  • Nurse owies, fevers, hurt feelings, and wounded prides
  • Keep my family healthy, happy and strong
  • Play board games, referee and occasionally the part of a fire monster in a homemade production
  • Teach my children that the world does NOT revolve around them and that they are made to serve others
  • Put the needs of my children and my husband before my own
THIS is what I do!

THIS is what I DON'T do
  • Watch television all day
  • Eat bonbons (where did that idea even come from?)
  • Hang out at the coffee shop, the cafĂ© with the girls, or really anywhere else
  • Spend hours and hours on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest
  • Miss first steps, first words, first laughs, first anything
  • Spend unwisely the money my HUSBAND works his butt off to make to support us

I work and I don't get paid monetarily. I don't get sick days, or days off. My work doesn't end at 5 o'clock. My work actually doesn't end, and if I'm able to leave the house, I'm on call.  This is my choice and I try not to complain about it. I truly wish that this line of WORK was allowed on a job application, but as of right now, society doesn't consider it worthy of a job.

I am JUST a mom. And I don't need to work outside the home because I work plenty hard inside of it.

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