Monday, October 7, 2013


 My husband is an Agriculture Teacher and animal reproduction is just something discussed around the dinner table, or was before the kids came along. Our best friend in college IS a Reproductive Physiologist. Animal private parts is what he does.

So when I found a picture of an artificial goat/, I had to send him the picture. It was in a scientific agricultural catalog- I don't just have pictures of fake private parts lying around...Anyway. I sent him a text containing the picture.

This, my friends is where technology can be tricky. We tend to trust it. Technology is not trustworthy.

I got a text back, "Um, who is this? Only your number showed up."

Oh my goodness!! Did I just send a picture of an artificial vagina to a complete stranger? Did Matt change his number and some poor soul in Blacksburg is being harassed by animal naughty parts?

So I send a message back, "Oh, I hope this is Matt. Otherwise I need to apologize. This is Dr. Campbell."

Those who know me, know I am neither a doctor nor a Campbell (anymore...maiden name), but it's what Matt called me. If it turned out it WAS the right number, our repro friend would surely know who it was. If it WASN'T him then the disgusted person on the receiving end of that text would at least think I have some sort of medical degree. (A vet perhaps?) And everyone knows that a medical degree makes joking about privates totally ok.

I called my husband and expressed my complete embarrassment, I emailed my sister who, I think, wet herself laughing at me, and I learned a valuable lesson. Don't send pictures of animal privates, even fake ones, to people. It might be the wrong number. And they might get the wrong idea...

Happy Monday, y'all


  1. HAHAHA! This is funny. So did you find out if it was the right person or not?

    1. Thankfully it WAS the right person (and he totally appreciated the picture), but I was totally mortified for awhile. :)