Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Letting Pride Fall to the Wayside

As a mom I do a lot of things that to a normal person would seem, well, gross. Like today, I used the hem of my shirt, my pants and my sleeve as a tissue. I haven't showered, I haven't brushed my teeth and I'm wearing snot and food that was once up my baby's nose. I'm really curious at what point does a woman just allow herself to become a human hankie. Is it love or laziness? Perhaps a bit of both.

Dried snot is so in these days.
All the cool moms are wearing it.

I believe one of the best things a mom can do IS get up, get showered and make herself feel like a human. But some days it just ain't happening. Due a long series of events that involved an aging dog and poor muscle control, I spent most of the morning steam cleaning three rooms in the house. Oh, and there's a fourth room to clean, but I ran out of solution, so yeah.

Immediately after cleaning and scrubbing, the baby woke up. I could have put him in baby jail (ie the bouncer). I could have gotten in the shower. I could have at least washed my face, but I chose to sit and play with him. He giggled and snuggled and wiped his nose on me and giggled some more. As much as personal hygiene is important, lovey time with my baby is even more important. He's only going to be this age once. He's only going to have this day once. I need to take advantage of my time with him (and his snotty nose).

Once, a long, long time ago, I may have taken pride in my appearance. Maybe. But now, oh, now, I proudly wear the designs of motherhood.

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  1. You have great perspective in this post. Also, it must be don't-shower-day! Two out of three of us are in our jammies over here, and the only reason the baby is dressed is because she pooped through her jammies and all the clean ones weren't actually clean -- they were dirty, too, which caused me a load of laundry. I haven't brushed my teeth yet either, but I hope to get to that before five o'clock. Why bother now? There's a toddler who wants to do puzzles and a baby (who is also snotty) that need my attention, unbrushed hair look, unbrushed smile, and oh-so-Mama-loving hugs!!