Saturday, October 5, 2013

So Many Battles

   You've got to choose your battles, and the baby upsetting the dog water for the umpteenth time isn't the one I'm going to pick. In fact, I'm going to continue peeling potatoes for dinner while the water slowly spreads all over my kitchen, soaking everything in it's path...including the baby. Oh, and he's sporting a dirty diaper.
   My natural spirit is prone to anxiousness and impatience. Lately I've noticed the kids becoming increasingly impatient and ugly to each other and it occurred to me: perhaps they've learned it from Mommy.
   Um, ouch.
   So God's been dealing with me on this. I've been made aware in my own life of the whole "you reap what you sow" thing. I've been reaping a lot of negativity, impatience, and frustration.
   And again I say ouch.
   I've been praying for God to help me in this. He's not going to take away the situations that get my blood pressure boiling, but He'll remind me of His promises to send a helper (the Holy Spirit) to guide me when I'm weak (John 14:26). Philippians 4:6 tells me to not be anxious, but bring everything to the Lord in prayer. This includes when I feel I'm losing my mind because of my precious children.
   In the past, I would have thrown down my half peeled veggies in frustration, hurriedly grabbed the baby (while mumbling non-niceties under my breath), and worried myself into a frenzy because I had a huge mess on the floor, boiling water on the stove, bacon sizzling, and a soaked baby. Plus, the dog's wondering where his water went.
   Not today my friends. I'm going to keep doing my thing while the baby does his. He's wet, but he's happy. I can't help but smile as he drums on the empty bowl and splashes in the pools on my floor. The water is cleaning any dirt off my floor, and dinner isn't being ruined because I threw a fit and burned the bacon.
   Maybe if I can sow patience and gentleness, the seeds will take root. This is not a quick process (that too causes frustration). In time, I might be able to grow patient, loving, and gentle children.
   Now, if you'll excuse me, I have two battles to fight. But which do I tackle first? Cleaning up the floor or cleaning up the baby. The floor wins. No one's going to slip on a dirty baby. Besides he's still playing drums on the water bowl.


  1. I love this! I could relate and smile at this. Well said. Good for you for finding the "ok-ness" in this scenario and turning it into a creative story.

    1. Wait until Vivi is mobile. She and Lance will tag team the messes. It only gets dirtier (and funnier) from here. PS I really appreciate you reading the posts :)