Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's All In How You See It...

It amuses me how people can see the same thing yet see it so differently.

Take rainy days (like today). I see an inconvenience. I see a reason for accidents, soggy socks and frizzy hair. My kids, on the other hand, see a world transformed. Puddles aren't annoyances, they are opportunities for fun. Mud becomes a sculptor's studio. Rain drops are falling for the sole purpose of being caught on their tongues.

Think how much better my days would go if I faced them with the same enthusiasm as a child. My sons literally pop out of bed the minute their alarm goes off; heaven forbid they miss ANYTHING. I wonder if I could change someone else's "rainy day blues" if I chose to see the rain the way kids do. Our moods are catching and I would much rather spread a good mood than catch a bad one. Rain doesn't have to mean soggy socks and frizzy hair. It's an opportunity to wear adorable rain boots and sport cute up-do's.

 I think one reason the Bible reminds us to have faith like a child is that we need to see the world as a child sees it. Children exude love, warmth, imagination, and excitement. I don't want to be a stick in the mud, so perhaps I should go play with my kids WITH a stick in the mud!

Happy splashing!


  1. Do you ever go out in the rain in the spring? One day when it's really hot outside, the rain coming down almost feels like shower water, and you and your kids can dance and splash and get wet and laugh (watch out for phone poles, one of my kids twirled head first into one), but it is the best feeling ever!

    1. It's a wonderful feeling! It was a really wet spring here and we had quite a few splash sessions. Thank you so much for reading :)