Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My "Do Nothing" Day

I haven't done squat today. Besides a few very basic chores, I've really done nothing. I'm mean like not brushed teeth or showered kind of nothing. In my defense, the baby is super fussy and is requiring a whole lot of cuddle time (No complaints here). But I thought, "Hey, everyone needs a break. Maybe I should take my break today. Or at least take a power nap."

Obviously, I need to be doing SOMETHING
Am I recharged? Am I revamped? Surprisingly, no. On the contrary. I am more unmotivated than if I had gotten up at 5am when I was actually "awake." I guess it's kind of like Newton's First Law of Motion. "Every object in a state of motion tends to remain in motion..." Had I started the day just doing something...anything, I'd still be motivated to do something right now instead of raiding the kids pre-Halloween candy. I can look all over the house and see things that totally need to be done, but yeah...not in motion. Can't' start moving on my own...

So, my "do nothing' day has kind of been a flop. I'm actually happier doing something. But we're back to that whole law of motion thing.  What's going to get me moving? Ok, I need motivation; let me think. I can hear the kids whining about not having socks and fighting over the last pair of clean undies. I can just see the mice sneaking up from the basement to eat the crumbs I've left of the counter. I can see the baby eating day-old raisins stuck to the carpet. I can see me having to re-wash all the clothes I just sort of folded because they fell off the chair onto the dog hair ridden floor!! AAARRGH!

I think that was enough to get the ball rolling. Now, as long as nothing stops me, I shall remain in motion (that is until Daddy comes home and can hopefully take over). This do nothing thing is exhausting.


  1. I know what you mean. On days when we don't have to be anywhere and we all stay in jammies half the morning I think I'll feel awesome, but I usually feel worse! Maybe the "do nothing" time just needs to be shorter and then it wouldn't zap all of my motivation for the rest of the day???

    1. I don't know what the solution is, lol. Maybe just having the hubby be Mr. Mom for a day so I can lay in my jammies while stuff still gets done is the answer. Hey, I think I know what I want for my birthday ;)
      Thanks for reading!!