Thursday, October 31, 2013

It is Finished

Kung Fu black belt? Never received it. Learned to play the clarinet? Never got past Hot Cross Buns. Finishing...I mean, running a race? Hasn't happened. There is a long list of things that I began and let fall to the wayside. There are un-completed goals strewn throughout my lifetime; a who's who of projects started and never finished.

But today, I've finished something I set out to do. And it feels wonderful! The challenge wasn't always easy. Hours were spent in front of a screen. There were days when I didn't focus on my family because I was focused on this project. But now, it's over and I did it!

Today, I finished the final season of 30 Rock. That's right. There is not one of the 135 episodes that I haven't seen. So much time and energy was invested on watching every single episode. If my math is correct, which it probably is not, I used up 2,970 minutes of my life on this amazing show. It was so worth it though. I can put a big 'ole check mark next to that one.

Oh! And I blogged for 31 days straight for BlogHer's October NaBloPoMo. Whoo hoo!! Seriously, it truly does feel good to finish something I've started. I've learned a lot about perseverance, about my writing, and about where I want my writing to go.

 Thank you BlogHer for the opportunity and I look forward to doing it again.

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  1. Yay!! I am so impressed you are doing it again in November. Go Emily! I will be cheering you on.